Build Back Bluer: Investing in Ocean, Coasts and Great Lakes Infrastructure

Build Back Bluer:  Investing in Ocean, Coasts and Great Lakes Infrastructure

On Wednesday, March 31, President Biden announced his American Jobs Plan, which is the first in his two-part Build Back Better campaign.
The main focus of the plan is on job creation and traditional infrastructure with a major focus on climate change mitigation and resilience. The oceans are our nation's highways to the world, and ocean data are the lighthouses of the 21st century. Just as potholes and degraded highways slow down trucks and cause damage, insufficient meteorological and ocean information at sea can slow down operations and even cause damage. Robust observational infrastructure for our oceans, coastal areas, and Great Lakes unlocks the economic potential of our blue economy just as investments in better roads, bridges, and railways enhance economic potential on land.
We are working closely with our partners and champions in Congress to make sure oceans are not forgotten in any infrastructure package so that our nation can Build Back Bluer.
View the IOOS Build Back Bluer infrastructure request here.