Caraid Award | Congratulations to Dr. Libby Jewett!

Meet the 2021 Caraid Award Recipient 

The IOOS Association was pleased to present the 2021 Caraid Award to Dr. Libby Jewett in recognition of her outstanding contributions to observing and understanding our oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes through vision, leadership, friendship, and collaboration.   
The word "Caraid" is a Scottish Gaelic word, meaning "care" or "love" and is pronounced like "courage." The attributes of Caraid--caring and the courage to do what matters--is what makes IOOS work. Dr. Ru Morrison was the first recipient of the award and the inspiration for its creation that honors both Ru's collaborative spirit and his love for his Scottish homeland.
Libby exemplifies the "can do" and caring attitude celebrated by this award. Legacies of her efforts include a network of ocean acidification sensors on IOOS buoys and at shellfish hatcheries that contribute to the national and a global OA observing network, regional coastal acidification networks, as well as training programs for the next generation and much more. Her collaborative nature brings together shellfish growers, fishermen, scientists, tehnologists, managers, and federal and state officials to understand and manage the impacts of ocean and coastal acidification.
Libby took risks and showed courage in launching new ideas and forging partnerships across programs and agencies at the regional, national, and international levels. As one colleague noted, "It wasn't so much what she did, but how she did it that brought the success."
Congratulations Libby!
Image: Libby Jewett receiving the award from Carl Gouldman, Director of the US IOOS Office.