March 2021 IOOS Association News Updates

IOOS Association Spring Meeting 

The IOOS Association held its Spring Meeting virtually this year in early March. While we missed being together, the meeting was an opportunity for the IOOS community to discuss issues and to hear from national policy leaders on ocean and coastal issues.  
Each IOOS region presented highlights from their recently submitted proposals for the next five years. These proposals outline regional needs for observations, forecasts, and actionable information for a variety of stakeholders. The proposals highlight the observing needs for maritime operations, resiliency to changing coastal conditions, and ecological forecasting.  
Another focus of the meeting was the IOOS role in detecting the coastal climate signal and its impacts. The impacts of climate - sea level rise, extreme weather, marine heat waves, harmful algal blooms, and more - vary regionally. The regional observing systems have the long-term data sets to monitor these trends and are able to tailor the information to unique needs of the regions. 




IOOS Association Adopts Strategic Plan

The mission of IOOS is to promote regional and national ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes observing systems. Because accomplishing this mission requires strategy and long-term goal planning, the IOOS Association has published a Strategic Plan for 2021 - 2026. Adopted in October 2020, this plan maps out the IOOS Priority Goals and how we can accomplish them by 2026 through Core Strategies.

The six Priority Goals are listed below:

  1. Increase funding for IOOS by 100%
  2. Increase the ability of IOOS to be responsive and innovative
  3. Increase coordination across all IOOS agencies and regions
  4. Increase diversity and inclusivity of network and partnerships
  5.  Increase visibility and reach of IOOS
  6. Ensure the health and sustainability of the IOOS Association


Interested in learning more about the IOOS Association Strategic Plan? Click here!

Congratulations to Molly McCammon and Barb Kirkpatrick

It is with the warmest wishes that the IOOS Association announces the retirement of Molly McCammon (Executive Director, AOOS) and of Barb Kirkpatrick (Executive Director, GCOOS)

Last year, Molly announced her plans to retire from her position as the Alaska Ocean Observing System’s (AOOS) founding director. During her tenure, Molly has fostered the wise use of Alaska’s natural resources, including taking a lead role in establishing the National Federation of Regional Associations (NFRA), now known as the IOOS Association; running regional and coastal ocean observing systems; developing integrated data products for Alaska’s future Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning initiatives; and serving on several state, national, and international boards. Molly will continue to be involved in IOOS as she serves as an AOOS Senior Adviser on the IOOS Federal Advisory Committee, as well as on other boards.  

Barb Kirkpatrick has also recently announced plans to retire from her role as the director of the Gulf of Mexico Ocean Observing System (GCOOS) and will begin the transition this summer. Barb led GCOOS to develop the organization’s first Strategic Plan, take an active role in U.S. and Gulf glider community efforts, develop the Red Tide Respiratory Project, and much more. The IOOS Association wishes both Molly and Barb the best and a peaceful retirement, full of ocean observations from a different point of view

Welcome to Sheyna Wisdom

AOOS has announced the appointment of Sheyna Wisdom as executive director, who has replaced Molly McCammon, AOOS’ founding director. Since earning her master’s degree in marine science from the University of San Diego, Wisdom has served in Alaska as an environmental consultant specializing in the effects of noise on wildlife. She has also helped run the Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program, the largest industry-sponsored ecosystem baseline study in Alaska, and worked as general manager at Fairweather Science. AOOS is excited for Wisdom’s energy and passion as she moves into her new role.





Nominations Open for NOAA HSRP Federal Advisory Committee

The NOAA Hydrographic Services Review Panel (HSRP) has announced the 2022 call for nominations of very well-qualified candidates to serve on the HSRP, a federal advisory committee that advises the NOAA Administrator. Nominations are due via email no later than April 26, 2021, and should include a cover letter, resume, and biography. More information about the call for nominations can be found here. To learn more on the NOAA HSRP, click here.

Upcoming Events

April 28 - 30: International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE 2021) (Virtual)

May 3 - 5: EuroGOOS International Conference

May 18 - 20: OceanVisions 2021 Summit (Virtual)

June 8 - 10: Capital Hill Ocean Week

June 15 - 17: 2021 IOOS DMAC Meeting