IOOS Association Annual Meeting

Information for IOOS Association (NFRA) Annual Meetings
March 6-8, 2013

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March 6 Agenda
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IOOS Association Board Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, March 6, 2013 

Independence Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hotel, 1000 H Street, NW  Washington DC  20001
Call information:  1-866-740-1260  pc: 410 7388

Breakfast on your own. 

8:30   Business Meeting

8:50  Discussion:  Preparing for Hill Visits

  • FY 14 Ask, Sandy Supplemental, Possibility of an additional request for national storm initiative, Sequestration, ICOOS Reauthorization
  • Looking forward:  A Plan Increasing IOOS Funding in the Future. 

9:50        Discussion:  Preparing for meetings with IOOS Office

10:15  Adjourn Business Meeting / Break with snack provided

10:30  Open Meeting:  Panel Discussion: Enhancing Communication and Coordination in IOOS

  • Debra Hernandez, Session Moderator
  • David Legler, Interagency Ocean Observing Committee
  • Rick Spinrad (by phone)  IOOS Federal Advisory Committee
  • Julie Thomas, IOOS Association
  • Zdenka Willis, IOOS Program Office

Purpose:  To explore opportunities for coordinating the work of the four organizations and for the development of a communication strategy. 

10:30   Opening Remarks by Panel Members  (10 minutes each)

What are your organization’s priorities for the coming year?   What role do you see your organization playing in implementing the recommendations of the IOOS Summit?   How can the other organizations aid or assist this process?  What are the three key messages you would want someone in the Administration or Congress to remember about IOOS?

11:10 Open Discussion:  Developing a Communication and Coordination Plan

  1. What strengths/weaknesses does each organization bring to this collaboration?   How can we best play to one another’s strengths?
  2. What messages have been most effective to date? 
  3. How do we measure effectiveness of our efforts?  When will we know IOOS is successful?
  4. What are the gaps?

11:40   Wrap Up:  Moving Forward with a Coordination  and Communication Strategy

Outline of how to approach roles and responsibilities



Key Audience




Seek sustainable funding for IOOS in Federal Budget



PO, IOOS Association

Budget Process

Meetings with NOAA, DOC, OMB, Congress



Seek non-federal support for IOOS

Private sector, state governments, foundations




Expand support for IOOS











12:00  Lunch provided at hotel

Committee Hill Visits

Note:  COL’s Public Policy Forum will be underway at the Reserve Officers  Association, 1 Constitution Ave

1:00        Bonnie Bruce, House Natural Resources Committee  140 Cannon House Office Building

4:00        Leslie Albright and Bob Bonner, House Appropriations Staff  H -309 Capitol Building

4:45        Dave Jenson, House Transportation Committee, 505 Ford House Office Building

6:00        Consortium of Ocean Leadership Reception, 253 Senate Russell Office Building

Regional IOOS Spring Meeting Agenda
Thursday, March 7, 2013
IOOS Program Office, 1100 Wayne Ave Suite 1225, Silver Spring MD

Call in information: 877-417-6090 passcode: 137 8206

Breakfast on your own.

8:00  Welcome and Overview, Zdenka Willis

8:15  Discussion with Holly Bamford, NOS AA

  • RA introductions and updates
  • Update from NOS
  • Discussion

9:00  Time with the Director, Zdenka Willis  

  • Discussion on issues identified by RAs

10:00  Programmatic Issues

  • Information flow and data calls:  How are we doing? (Leads: Program Office Regional POCs) 30 min
  • Adopting DMAC (Lead: Derrick Snowden) 30 mins

11:30  Joint Planning Discussion Setup (Charly Alexander)

12:00  Lunch  (Box lunches will be brought to conference room.)

12:30  Joint Planning Issue 1:  Modeling (Leads: Becky Baltes, Jon Ten Hoeve)

2:00    Joint Planning Issue 2:  Subsurface Monitoring (Leads: Ru Morrison, Becky Baltes)

2:45    Break

3:00    Joint Planning Issue 3:   Extreme Risks/ Storm : (Leads: Julie Thomas, Gerhard Kuska)

4:00    Discussion:  Joint Planning Process – How’s it working? ( Leads:  Charly Alexander, Molly McCammon)

5:00    “IOOS Time”:  Refreshments and merriment hosted by Zdenka

6:00  Informal dinner for those interested

Regional IOOS Spring Meeting Agenda
Friday, March 8, 2013
IOOS Program Office, 1100 Wayne Ave Suite 1225, Silver Spring MD

Call in information:  877-417-6090     passcode: 137 8206

Breakfast on your own. 

8:30  Recap from Thursday/Outstanding Issues

8:40  U.S. IOOS, NDBC, and CO-OPS Partnership Discussion  (Lead:  Charly Alexander)

  • Discussion with Acting Deputy AA for NOS, Dr. Russell Callender, NDBC Director, Helmut Portmann and CO-OPS Director, Rich Edwing

10:30  Break

10:45  Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting (Lead:  Gabrielle  Canonico)

11:15  Market Place Requirements (Leads: Carl Gouldman, Debra Hernandez)

12:00  Lunch

12:45  Joint Planning Issue 4: OA Partnership Discussion with NOAA Ocean Acidification Program  (Leads:  Molly McCammon, Jan Newton, Gabrielle Canonico)

2:45    Wrap-up

3:00    Adjourn