2015 Fall Meeting Summary

September 2015, IOOS Association (IA) held their Annual Meeting in St. Petersburg, FL at the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. The meeting co-hosted with the local IOOS regional associations, SECOORA and GCOOS, focused on filling critical observing gaps and IOOS activities in the Gulf of Mexico. Click here to access the meeting materials and agenda.

Pictured above are the meeting participants, minus the Caribbean Sea representatives. Image Credit: Abbey Wakely, IOOS Association


Day 1: September 14, 2015

IOOS Regional Association Directors’ Retreat

On September 14, the eleven Regional Association (RA) Directors held their second retreat at the University of South Florida’s Clam Bayou Marine Education Center.  These retreats provide a forum for the RA directors to collaborate, share lessons learned and plan for the future. The Directors discussed IOOS Certification, industry partnerships and collaborative projects. Click here to access the agenda.

Day 2: September 15, 2015

IOOS Association Business Meeting

During the Business meeting, the Board elected Officers, members of the Executive Committee and Finance Committee and adopted the operating budget for FY16.   IA would like to extend a warm congratulations to the Executive Committee and Finance Committee.   All the terms end in 2017.

Executive Committee

  • Chair:  Ru Morrison, NERACOOS
  • Vice-Chair:  Debra Hernandez, SECOORA
  • Secretary:  Jan Newton, NANOOS
  • Treasurer:  Molly McCammon, AOOS

Additional representatives to the Executive Committee

  • Melissa Iwamoto, PacIOOS
  • Barb Kirkpatrick, GCOOS
  • Gerhard Kuska, MARACOOS
  • Julie Thomas, SCCOOS

Finance Committee

  • Molly McCammon, AOOS, ex officio
  • Roy Watlington, CariCOOS
  • Kelli Paige, GLOS

Josie Quintrell (IA Executive Director) reviewed IOOS Association FY15 activities.  Highlights include  hiring Abbey Wakely as the part-time Program Coordinator, ICOOS reauthorization bills introduced in both the House and the Senate, two successful congressional IOOS briefings, and PacIOOS being the first RA to be certified.

Pictured above is Josie Quintrell reviewing IOOS Association FY15 activities with the Board. Image Credit: Gerhard Kuska, MARACOOS

The Board also elected 4 Honorary Directors. The Honorary Directors  provide a source of advice for the organization on how the IOOS enterprise can fill critical gaps in our nation’s infrastructure and to assist with preparing for the next administration. Congratulations to the FY16 Honorary Directors!

  • Norman Dicks, Senior Policy Advisory, Van Ness Feldman, Former Congressman from Washington’s 6th District
  • Mary Glackin, Senior Vice President, Public/Private Partnerships, The Weather Channel
  • VADM Paul G. Gaffney, II  USN (Ret.)
  • VADM Conrad Lautenbacher, USN (Ret.) -  Chair of the IOOS Federal Advisory Committee

Open Meeting

The day continued with further discussion on ICOOS reauthorization, a campaign to raise funding for all of US IOOS, a status report on the IOOS enterprise, certification and a special session on US IOOS in the Gulf of Mexico. 

IOOS Association is launching a “Closing the Gaps” campaign to fill critical gaps in the nation’s coastal, ocean and Great Lakes observing system in the next five years.  The multi-year approach will allow for growth in the program that, over time, will benefit the entire enterprise.

Zdenka Willis (US IOOS Program Office Director) provided an update on the US IOO PO. The informal briefing provided updates on the IOOS PO staffing, the new budgeting process in NOAA, IOOS proposal process and more.

Pictured above is Zdenka Willis reviewing discussing the status of the IOOS enterprise. Image Credit: Abbey Wakely,  IOOS Association

IOOS Association would like to extend congratulations to PacIOOS- the first IOOS certified region. Pictured below are PacIOOS and the US IOOS Program Office being awarded a cake for a job well done. Derrick Snowden (IOOS PO) Melissa Iwamoto (PacIOOS), Kelli Paige (GLOS) and Dave Easter (IOOS PO) participated on the certification panel where they provided certification updates and answered questions from the other RAs contemplating certification.  All RAs are planning to submit proposals for certification in the coming year.

Congratulations PacIOOS on being the first certified Regional Association! Image Credit: Abbey Wakely,  IOOS Association

The meeting ended with a special session focused on IOOS activities in the Gulf of Mexico. GCOOS and SECOORA teamed together to do a tour of the surrounding facilities, including a presentation from Katherine Hubbard (Research Scientist at FWRI) on Harmful Algal Bloom observations and forecasting, a tour of the University of South Florida College of Marine Science’s Coastal Ocean Monitoring and Prediction Systems buoy program and the glider lab.

The meeting attendees touring USF CMS buoy program. Image Credit: Vembu Subramanian, SECOORA

The day concluded with a social sponsored by SECOORA and GCOOS. Over 50 attendees from the Florida area networked with the IOOS community.


Day 3: September 16, 2015

The last day of the Annual Meeting included discussion on IOOS communications, IOOS national product demonstration, DMAC updates and phase 2 of “Closing the Gaps” Campaign. 

Phase two of the Closing the Gaps campaign focused the 5-year, $25 million strategy aimed at filling critical observation gaps. Each RA and the US IOOS PO participated in a heat mapping activity that provided a quick sense of regional and national priorities. Three working groups came out of the discussion: 1) Water level; 2) Precision Navigation; and 3) Ecological Forecasting. 

Meeting attendees participating in the heat mapping activity. Image Credit: Abbey Wakely, IOOS Association

Thank you everyone for a great meeting! Please mark your calendars for IA’s Spring meeting, March 1-3, 2016 in Washington DC.