IOOS Association 2015 Fall Meeting

Please register for the IOOS Association 2015 Fall Meeting! The two-day meeting will be held September 15-16, 2015, in St. Petersburg Florida.

Meeting Location

Fish & Wildlife Research Institute (100 Eighth Ave. SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 -- 4th Floor Conference Room).  This is a short walk from the hotel.

Agenda* (click here to access PDF Agenda)

September 15, IOOS Association Business Meeting (Board Members only)


Welcome and Purpose of Meeting
Ru Morrison, Chair


Approval of Minutes from June 16, 2015 IOOS Association Board Call
Jan Newton, Secretary


Treasurers Report and Adoption of FY 16 Operating Budget
Molly McCammon, Treasurer


Elections of Officers and Executive Committee
Chris Ostrander, Board Member


Annual Director’s Report
Josie Quintrell, IOOS Association, Executive Director


Election of Honorary Board Members and Terms of Reference
Jan Newton, Secretary


Adjourn Members Only Meeting
Ru Morrison, Chair

September 15, IOOS Association Annual Meeting (open)


Welcome and Meeting Overview
Barb Kirkpatrick, GCOOS


Risks, Rewards and Status of ICOOS Reauthorization
Josie Quintrell, IOOS Association Executive Director


Part 1:  Closing the Gap Campaign, Filling High Priority Gaps in Coastal Observing
Molly McCammon, AOOS
     • Big picture strategy
     • Near term priorities:  FY 17 options


Lunch (Provided)


Status of the IOOS Enterprise: Remarks from the IOOS Program Office (IOOS PO)
Zdenka Willis, IOOS PO Director; Carl Gouldman, IOOS PO Deputy Director; and George Jungbluth,
IOOS PO Division Chief, Regions, Budget, and Policy Division


Certification Update
Derrick Snowden, IOOS PO; Melissa Iwamoto, PacIOOS and Kelli Paige, GLOS, Dave Easter IOOS PO
1:45pm                  Recap of Directors’ Discussion  - Kelli Paige and Melissa Iwamoto
2:10pm                  Overview of revised guidelines -  Dave Easter
2:20pm                  Data management issues -  Derrick Snowden
2:30pm                  RA Roundtable on plans for application submission 




Special Session on IOOS in the Southeast and Gulf
3:00pm                  GCOOS Overview - Barb Kirkpatrick, GCCOS Director
3:10pm                  SECOORA Overview - Debra Hernandez, SECOORA Director
                  Harmful Algal Bloom Observations and Forecasting
                              Alina Corcoran, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission/Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
3:40pm                  Walk to the Bayboro Harbor at University of South Florida College of Marine Science (USF CMS)
                  USF Coastal Ocean Monitoring and Prediction Systems  (COMPS) Tour
                              Mark Luther, Director of USF Ocean Monitoring and Prediction Lab and Jay Law, USF COMPS Operations Manager
4:25pm                  Glider Lab Tour
                              Chad Lembke, USF CMS Center for Ocean Technology and Jordon Beckler, Mote Marine Laboratory
4:50pm                  Walk Back to Meeting Room 


Reception Sponsored by GCOOS and SECOORA
The Campus Grind, 121 7th Avenue South, St Petersburg, FL 


Dinner on your own
Open reservations at The Hangar Restaurant 
540 1st St SE, St Petersburg, FL 33701

September 16, IOOS Association Annual Meeting Continued (open)


Welcome and Overview
Debra Hernandez, SECOORA


Integrating the System: Data Management Program Update
Derrick Snowden, US IOOS PO 
     • Plans for the coming year - expectations of the RAs
     • The catalog - current status, goal, new staff
     • Implementing QARTOD – update on the work of the DMAC QARTOD subcommittee, next QARTOD manuals, etc. 


National Product Demonstration 
Derrick Snowden, US IOOS PO, Ru Morrison, NERACOOS, and Julie Thomas, SCCOOS
9:30am                  Demonstration of the IOOS PO project on integrating data from IOOS Federal agencies and some regions - Derrick Snowden
9:40am                  Discussion – Ru Morrison
                               • What worked, what didn’t?
                               • How should IOOS leverage this effort? (Small discussions with neighbors on ideas for next steps)
10:00am                 Recap, Summary and Next Steps – Ru Morrison and Derrick Snowden 




Communications Update and Web Redesign 
George Jungbluth, US IOOS Program Office and Derrick Snowden, US IOOS PO
     • Website Redesign Process, Opportunities/Implications for Regional web sites
     • Communications staffing update
     • IOOS Emblem roll out


Part 2: Closing the Gap Campaign - Filling The Gaps in Coastal Observing
Debra Hernandez, SECOORA
     • Multi-year strategy
     • Framing the strategy
     • Discussion
     • Summary and next steps


Lunch (Provided)


St. Pete Ocean Team
Bill Hogarth, Director, Florida Institute of Oceanography
The St Pete Ocean Team is one of the premier consortiums for marine sciences in the southeast. It is estimated that the Ocean Team
and its related cluster agencies and businesses employ over 1,600 people and generate an estimated $143 million in annual
household earnings.


Metrics and Google Analytics Discussion
Josie Quintrell, IOOS Association and Jennifer Bosch, IOOS PO


Update from the IOOS Federal Advisory Committee 
Conrad Lautenbacher, Chair, IOOS Advisory Committee

           3:15pm Wrap Up, Next Steps
           3:30pm  Adjourn

*Subject to change at anytime.

September 14- Director's Meeting Materials (Directors only)

September 14 Agenda

PacIOOS Certification Website 

GLOS Prereview Comments

GLOS Certification Website

Certification Guidelines, Version:  7.16.15

Common Product Initiative Summary Report

Directors Industry Survey

September 15- Board Meeting Materials (Board Members only)

September 15-16 Meeting Agenda

Conflict of Interest Policy

Annual Conflict of Interest Statement 

IOOS Association 2015 Annual Meeting Official Ballot

 June 16, 2015 IOOS Association Board Call Minutes

Honorary Directors Terms of Reference

Honorary Directors Official Ballot 

FY16 Proposed Budget (sent via email)

September 15-16 Meeting Materials (Open)

September 15-16 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Participant List

Metrics Discussion Document

Certification Guidelines, Version:  7.16.15

GLOS Prereview Comments

GLOS Certification Website

PacIOOS Certification Website 

Closing the Gap Proposal 

Senate Reauthorization 

House Reauthorization

Side-by-Side Comparison of ICOOS Act of 2009, HR 2744 and S 1886

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