IOOS Regional Associations Partner on Resilience Projects

Four IOOS Regional Associations are collaborators on the Regional Coastal Resilience Grants awarded by NOAA’s National Ocean Service this summer. The grants support regional approaches to using science-based solutions for addressing risks from coastal flooding, extreme weather events, and changing environmental conditions. PacIOOS, SECOORA, MARACOOS and NERACOOS will work with partners in their respective regions to develop new tools for communities. 

MARACOOS (Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System) is a partner on  “Mid-Atlantic Regional Resilience: Linking Coastal Ocean Information to Enhance Economic, Social and Ecological Resilience.” The work will increase coastal community resilience by enhancing the public's understanding of the science behind changing ocean conditions and what this means in terms of ocean resources and coastal economies.

NERACOOS (Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems) is working in the Northeast US to lessen the impacts of economic disruptions caused by coastal storms. In addition to increasing the use of living shorelines, the project titled “High Resolution Coastal Inundation Modeling and Advancement of Green Infrastructure and Living Shoreline Approaches in the Northeast” will improve predictions of coastal storm events, fill high-priority data and capacity gaps, develop tools for decision-making, and improve communications and outreach. Read more >

PacIOOS (Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System) is supporting “Building Resilience to Coastal Hazards and Climate Change in Hawaiʻi” by developing a web-based mapping tool to improve decision-makers' access to coastal hazards exposure and vulnerability information, including impacts related to climate change and sea level rise. People, property, and infrastructure in Hawai'i are generally concentrated in low-lying coastal areas, making local communities and economies highly vulnerable to coastal hazards, including flooding and erosion, which are expected to become more severe with climate change and sea-level rise. Read more on the PacIOOS Newsletter (scroll to bottom- Partner Updates section).

SECOORA (Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association) is coordinating a regional collaboration effort with the four southeastern states.  The project,“Utilizing Regional Collaboration to Implement the National Disaster Recovery Framework in South Atlantic Coastal Communities.” will work with over 30 coastal communities to strengthen the region's ability to recover from the next coastal disaster in ways that protect the economy and the environment. Read more >

Read more on the NOAA NOS Regional Coastal Resilience Grants website.