2013 Regional IOOS Fall Meeting
November 7th and 8th
Hosted by Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System
Martin Johnson House, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA

Remote Access*
Webinar: http://www.readytalk.com Access Code 7848149

Conference Call: 1.866.740.1260 Passcode 7848149   
*Note:  Different Access for Fisheries discussion at 9am Friday

We will not be providing printed copies of any documents other than the Agendas, please prepare accordingly!

IOOS Association Board Business Meeting
IOOS Fall Meeting Agenda

Documents for IOOS Association Board Business Meeting:
Minutes from March 2013
Proposed Operating Budget for FY 14
FY 15 Ask, Support Data
Liability Memo

Documents for IOOS Fall Meeting:
IOOS Modeling Strategy
Common Products White Paper, Product Table
Joint Planning 3 Cs
Certification and Data Management

Directions and Local Attractions
List of Attendees

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Hotel Reservations and Information
Wednesday, November 6th
Thursday, November 7th IOOS Association Board Business Meeting Agenda

Thursday, November 7th IOOS Fall Meeting Agenda
Friday, November 8th IOOS Fall Meeting Agenda
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La Jolla Shores Hotel

8110 Camino Del Oro, La Jolla, CA 92037

Room Block for Attendees: Garden View Hotel Room, $159 (Includes November 6, 7 and 8)

Please make your own reservation directly with hotel at (800) 237-5211.

Taxi from San Diego Airport to Hotel is encouraged because of the tight parking at Scripps, it runs around $50 each way. 
If you do rent a car, please leave it at the hotel ($18/day).
Free shuttle is available from hotel to meeting room. 
Bring walking shoes, warm clothes and rain jackets (just in case).

Informal dinner (open to all, must RSVP to Michelle)

6:15    Meet at La Jolla Shores lobby to walk 2 blocks to dinner

6:30    Dinner at Piatti’s:  2182 Avenida De La Playa, La Jolla, CA 92037

IOOS Association Board Business Meeting

Martin Johnson House, Room T29

7:15 Gather at Hotel for shuttle to meeting

7:30 Coffee at Martin Johnson House

8:00 Welcome - Julie Thomas

8:05 Approval of Minutes from March 2013 - Debra Hernandez

8:10 Approval of Proposed Operating Budget for FY 14 – Molly McCammon

8:20 Director’s Report on Past Year - Josie Quintrell

8:30 Election of Officers and Executive Committee Members - Jen Read
Proposed Slate of Officers (Terms end in 2015)

  • Chair: Ru Morrison
  • Vice-Chair: Debra Hernandez
  • Secretary: Jan Newton
  • Treasurer: Molly McCammon

Proposed Slate of Executive Committee Members Officers (Terms end in 2015)

  • Ann Jochens
  • Frank Kudrna
  • Gerhard Kuska
  • Julie Thomas (Past Chair)

Proposed Slate for Finance Committee

  • Molly McCammon, ex officio
  • Roy Watlington
  • Heather Kerkering
  • Ann Jochens

8:40 FY 15 Ask - Ru Morrison (Support Data Draft)

9:00 Liability Issues - Nancy Bloodgood

9:15 Revised Regional Document - Josie Quintrell

9:20 IOOS FAC, IOOC, IOOS Program Office Meeting on Dec 6th- Ru Morrison

9:35 Other business

Thursday, November 7th

IOOS Fall Meeting

Martin Johnson House, Room T29

9:30 Shuttle to Martin Johnson House for those not attending business meeting

10:00 Welcome to Scripps and SCCOOS - Julie Thomas and John Orcutt

10:15 Joint Planning Initiative – Charly Alexander, Moderator

10:15 Introduction and Overview - Charly

10:25 Jt Planning Topic #1: Data Management and Communication – Charly
Presentation and Discussion

10:45 Jt Planning Topic #2: IOOS Modeling Strategy – Josie Quintrell and Becky Baltes
Presentation and Discussion

11:00 Jt Planning Topic #3: Comprehensive Observation Planning – Ru Morrison

  • 11:00 Introduction and Overview
  • 11:10 Break out Groups
  • 12:00 Reconvene, Recap

12:15 Lunch

12:45 SCCOOS Kiosk and tour of Birch Aquarium

1:30 Discussion - Holly Bamford (by conference call)

2:00 Common Product Initiative: Working Session #2 - Aric Bickel and Josie Quintrell

  • 2:00 Overview and Purpose - Josie
  • 2:05 Presentation Process and Results to Date - Aric
  • 2:25 Questions and Discussion
  • 2:35 Determining Priorities
  • 2:45 Next steps - White Paper, Working Groups, Product Table

3:00 Break

3:15 Joint Planning Initiative Continued
The 3 Cs: Enhanced Communication, Coordination, Collaboration
Ocean Acidification, Ecological Forecasting and Extreme Events - Molly McCammon

  • 3:15 Overview of topic
  • 3:30 Break out Groups for Discussion
  • 4:30 Regroup and recap

5:15 Reception and RA Roundtable
Martin Johnson House Deck
RA Roundtable Discussion: “2 Successes and A Failure…”

6:30 Mexican Fiesta Dinner
Martin Johnson Deck

Friday, November 8th

IOOS Fall Meeting

7:00 Leave if you’re walking to the Pier

7:15 Shuttle to Pier

7:30 Coffee and walk on the Scripps Pier (All are invited!)

8:30 Shuttle leaves hotel for SW Fisheries Science Center (for those not at Pier Walk)

9:00 IOOS and Fisheries: Continuing the Collaboration (Web access**)
Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC), Pacific Room #300
Hosted by Director Cisco Werner
Purpose - Develop a plan for Fisheries Science to IOOS

  • Integrating observing systems into fisheries mandate
  • Develop presentation for the Fisheries Science Meeting

Presentations -

  • Habitat Modeling for Fisheries Assessments - Josh Kohut and John Manderson
  • Ecological Forecasting in the NW - Jan Newton

Discussion - All
Materials - Regional IOOS and Fisheries overview

10:30 Tour of the new facility

11:00 Certification and Data Management: An Integrated Outlook - Charly Alexander
SWFSC, Pacific Room #300
Purpose: To build a shared view of how the various elements of the IOOS data
management system come together as an integrated system - certification, QARTOD,
system testing, web services, regional data portals, specialized data portals, etc.

12:00 Tour of Glider Lab - Dan Rudnick Keck Building

Lunch Martin Johnson House

1:00 Discussion with Zdenka Willis
Lessons Learned from the Regional FFO Process, Glider Plan, Budget Issues, discussion

2:00 Spring Meeting Topics and Planning

2:30 Wrap Up

3:00 Remarks by Margaret Leinen, Director Scripps Institution of Oceanography

3:15 Tour of Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP) Operational Waves - Julie Thomas

4:00 Adjourn

**Web access for Fisheries:
Meeting Number: 741 946 567 Meeting Password: swfsc