IOOS Regional Associations Successfully Compete for Five-Year Awards

Congratulations to the IOOS Regional Associations for successfully competing for five-year cooperative agreements. These cooperative agreements guide regional investment in coastal observing including address the societal themes of maritime navigations, water quality, ecology and fisheries, coastal hazards and monitoring variability.

This year, over $29 million in grants were awarded to the 11 Regional Associations to support ocean, coastal and Great Lakes observing efforts throughout the United States, Caribbean and Pacific. Projects include maintaining and enhancing ocean observing infrastructure nationwide including high-frequency radars, ocean gliders, buoys, and more. Open and easy access to data is a key priority, with emphasis on increasing availability and accessibility of data through new tools and data products developed with input from regional stakeholders.  

In addition to the regional observing networks, grants were awarded to the Alliance for Coastal Technologies (ACT) to work on improving effective and reliable sensors and to the Southeastern University Research Association (SURA) to support NOAA’s only Coastal and Ocean Modeling Testbed (COMT).  Read more >