IOOS Featured on Senate Ocean Panel

Ru Morrison, far left, on the Senate’s Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee’s Ocean Panel.

Dr. Ru Morrison, NERACOOS Executive Director, joined a panel of ocean experts to discuss issues with the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee. Panelists included (from left to right):  Ru Morrison, PhD, NERACOOS; Bob Ballard, PhD, Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society; Kathy Sullivan, PhD, Administrator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Jeremy Jackson, PhD, Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Philippe Cousteau, President/Co-Founder, EarthEcho International; Jane Lubchenco, PhD, Professor, Oregon State University.  Not pictured: Michael Goff, PhD, President and CEO, Northeast-Midwest Institute. 

The panel discussed a range of ocean issues from overfishing, changing ecological conditions, extreme weather events and the impact on coastal communities.  Dr. Ru Morrison explained how IOOS supports the missions of NOAA and other Federal agencies by delivering information to those who need it, when they need it.  “IOOS works because it is adaptable and flexible. It brings together the sustained observations of many, combines them with state-of-the-art regional forecasts and hindcasts, all through national standards to integrate data” explained Dr. Morrison. “It works from the head of the tide to the edge of the EEZ.”

The Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee, composed of 16 senators, is dedicated to fostering dialogue between Senate Democrats and leaders from across the nation. Each year the Steering Committee hosts numerous meetings with advocates, policy experts, and elected officials to discuss key priorities and enlist their help in the development of the Senate Democratic agenda. 

Dr. Morrison with Senator Shaheen (D-NH)